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The intention of Jörg Wörther is to remember the roots of Austrian cuisine whilst at the same time showing that these roots reach as far as the Mediterranean. Jörg Wörther has lived this regionalism, where the cuisine between Salzburg and Veneto is at home, for the last 20 years. His classic dish can always be found on the menu: crab dumplings, which have already been taken up by the K&K monarchy or spruce tip marinade and honey, which come from a medicinal origin as well as being part of our ancestors’ diverse taste.

Or the best matured Pinzgau grilled beef combined with Mediterranean vegetables, accompanied by classics from Wörther, such as the delicious crab soup with tomatoes, the wonderfully versatile celeriac ravioli and other delicacies such as freshly caught Attersee fish or wild branzino from Kvarner bay. The guests will also be met by old favourites such as the Mondseer organic lamb, Flachgauer veal and, according to season, spicy game from High Tauern.